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The 15 Hidden Metrics of Customer Centricity

Discover how CPIs are a path to a more profitable customer-centric strategy when complemented with existing KPIs.

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How Key Performance Indicators Can Actually Kill Key Performance

Learn how Customer Performance Indicators can expand a brand’s view of customer needs to reap profitable growth.

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Data Shows CVS Closing 900 Stores Will Bode Well for Customers

How is one of the country’s largest pharmacy retailer making bold moves to better activate on customer’s needs?

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Five Steps To Inspiring A Customer-Committed Employee Base

Discover how linking purpose to human-centered customer goals helps employees embrace their role in CX.

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Five Leading Brands Selected By Customers For Their Outstanding Performance In Delivering on Customer Goals

Winning Brands Build Best-In-Class Value Exchange with their Customers in the First-Ever Vex Awards by Gongos.

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North American Customer Centricity Awards Video Presentation of the 2021 Vex Award Winners

Join us in celebrating how five winning, cross-industry brands are building best-in-class value exchange with their customers.

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Customer Performance Indicators: New Evidence in Customer-Centric Metrics

As customers demand more from brands than ever, the time’s now to shift focus to the universal metrics that they value most.

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Gongos to Honor First-Ever Vex Winners at the North American Customer Centricity Awards

Gongos Announcing Five Brands To Be Recognized For Building Best-In-Class Value Exchange Based On CPIs.

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Operationalizing Customer Centricity: The Intersection of Understanding and Delivery

Discover the dimensions behind creating reciprocal value between brands and what customers value most.

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Many Brands’ Commitment to Customers Ends at Their Pocketbook: Why it Pays to Invest Deeper

Understanding customers doesn’t have to be complex when we drill into a fixed set of universal goals they share.

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From In-Store to Dotcom: The War of Retail Pharmacy

With healthcare’s growing influence & pharmacies being a critical touchpoint, consumers are left with a few choices.

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Gongos Launches First-of-its-Kind Subscription Service Linking Revenue Growth To CPIs

Gongos launches new patent-pending model which demonstrates leading brands are leaving billions on the table.

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Jeannie Votaw & Sam Herzing on The Tom & Bob Show

Jeannie Votaw and Sam Herzing join Tom DeWitt and Bob Kiple to discuss Strategy & Implementation with Vex.

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David Robbins on The Tom & Bob Show

David Robbins joins Tom DeWitt and Bob Kiple on their podcast, The Tom & Bob Show, to discuss the all-new Vex Model.

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A Q&A with David Robbins about why CX hasn’t found its Wow! factor

There are many reasons why organizations today are finding roadblocks when delivering a great CX.

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Reframe Growth Through the Lens of Customer Outcomes

With the shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism, the role of customers is ever-important.

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How to Win in the Disruptive Economy: A Playbook for Success

Thriving in the new normal requires a different approach than yesterday’s playbooks. What are companies doing?

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Motivate Employees by Empowering Customer Success

Companies use KPIs as a way to success, but the pressure to perform comes at a price of emotional resonance.

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Thinking Beyond Evaluation in the Quick-Fix World of CX

With more ways to monitor and measure how customers are interacting with brands, what does this mean for traditional CX?

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CPIs: The Small but Significant Indicators of Business Growth

While KPIs are a valuable tool in measuring success, businesses can lose sight of their most precious asset—their customers.

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