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Three German luxury manufacturers (Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz) are better apt at helping their customers achieve these goals than mainstream automakers.

For example, for “improves my mental wellbeing,” these three automakers achieve double the performance of mainstream automakers Volkswagen and Stellantis (performance is similar for other mainstream automakers). Furthermore, Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, while performing better than mainstream marques, has underperformed their German luxury competition. Similar patterns exist across brands for the CPI “reduces my anxiety/feelings of risk.”

Even more telling than the differences across automotive competitors is the opportunity for growth all these brands have on these and other CPIs. Despite strong relative performance for some, most customers of each of these brands feel that their automaker of choice can improve on these critical CPIs. The Vex data demonstrate how companies that prioritize key CPIs, and successfully drive improvement, will see a reciprocal growth in value received from customers.

Subscribers will be able to prioritize initiatives around the CPIs that are most impactful to their customers, and therefore the business, and build detailed, tactical plans to drive improvement.

At an overarching level, CVS and Walgreens are rather similar in their abilities to assist their customers in achieving customer goals.  For instance, we found that people most value a pharmacy that can help them achieve three specific goals: makes my life simpler, gives me options, and easy access to the information I need/want.  For each of these, CVS and Walgreen’s customers say that the two companies are quite similar in their ability to help them achieve these CPIs.

However, CVS outperforms Walgreens on three other goals, makes me feel good, motivates me, and saves me money. 

As we turn to digital channels, CVS distances itself from Walgreens in terms of helping customers achieve CPIs. CVS spent years innovating in the digital space for customers and has spoken about the enhanced financial value of having customers interact with the brand through digital channels. Furthermore, CVS has opened a Digital Innovation Lab where new digital tools are created to make the customer experience more convenient.

These efforts have clearly bore fruit in terms of customers recognizing how CVS helps them achieve their goals. CVS’s website/mobile app falls in the top five brands for overall CPI score across more than three dozen websites/mobile apps evaluated through our research.  Bolstering CVS’s statements about the value of customers who interact digitally, CVS’s website/mobile app also achieves one of the 20 strongest Future Customer Value scores across our 2021 syndicate.

Walgreens, no doubt, intends to close the gap with their largest competitor.  Last year, Walgreens announced a partnership with Microsoft and Adobe to create a “world-class digital experience and customer insights platform to deliver personalized healthcare and shopping offerings.”

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